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Open-minded, attractive couples and women are welcome to apply to experience this erotic game. The minimum age is 25, maximum age is 40.  Please note: due to the exclusive services offered we can only accept a limited number of members.

Use application form Join Us or email party@ginandlo.com with your first names, recent full-length photos of both partners (no nudity please) and a short bio. We’ll let you know within 24 hours if you’re invited to party with London’s hottest likeminded couples.

Tell us in few sentences what kind of experience you’re looking for. Have a look at this application sample:
Hi, we’re “Michael” (38) and “Bianca” (27). We came across your website and thought we’d give it a go. We’ve never been to something like this before, and we’re very curious and open to trying new things! Michael’s fantasy is to see Bianca playing with another man or woman. Please see our photos, which were taken last weekend.

Absolutely, we pride ourselves with our high level of privacy: your texts and photos will be kept 100% confidential. 

Our parties are all about quality, not quantity, so we only invite up to 30 people to each party. There’s always an even 50/50 mix of experienced couples and beginners.

Our afterparties are held in upscale central London locations, such as penthouses, apartments and town houses. The afterparty place is always only minutes away from a bar.

At our parties there’s no such thing as an insider or outsider. Gin and Lo are always present to help members to feel welcomed and relaxed, especially those who attend for the very first time. First-time members are welcome to come half an hour early for their first party to familiarise themselves with the venue and meet other first-time guests.

No! You’re never required to do anything you don’t want to. Each member takes each party at their own pace. You’re welcome to come and just soak in the erotic atmosphere if you’d like.

The typical member is attractive and sophisticated with an amazing sex life, but who is also looking for new exciting experiences to experiment with. Our members look to expand their sexual horizons with other likeminded people for whom discretion, respect, style and a touch of luxury are paramount.

We have parties on a regular bases and inform our members in advance.

Upcoming Party followed by Afterparty is on:

15th December,

26th January (sold out),

9th February.

Casual Cocktail  Parties (social evenings) Sat 29th December, Sat 12th January